Fast Track Climber
The Vertical Climber That Puts You On
The Fast Track To Get Ripped Quick.

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Fast Track Climber

Vertical Rock Climbing Motion Torches Calories For A Sculpted, Sexy Look!

  • Simulates Actual Rock Climbing Motion
  • Maximizes Muscle Contraction
  • Double the Workout Every Extension
  • Perfect for all fitness levels
  • Gym Quality Durable Construction
  • Easy To Assemble In Just Minutes
  • Folds Away For Easy Storage

Fast Track Climber Targets Entire Body From Head To Toe With A Fat Blasting, Full Body Workout!

Get Super Strong, Lean, And Sculpted

Climb your way to a better body. Fast Track Climber simulates actual rock climbing motion to give you a full cardio burning workout, core conditioning, and high intensity training all at the same time.

The easy glide vertical climbing track helps maximum muscle contraction on every rep. Do long powerful strides and full extension reaches to warm up. Then let it rip with high intensity short bursts.

The Fast Track Climber works your core, back, arms, calves, quads, and glutes from the minute you take the first step. It’s the perfect climber to help you get ripped quick.

Easy and Efficient Full Cardio Workout & Complete Muscle Sculpting All At Once!